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ZERO SIZE – Health Care & Weight Loss Center (VLCC Franchise)

ZERO SIZE – weight loss is a clinically proven and comprehensive program that uses a food/body/mind/machine  approach to safe weight loss, developed by experienced dietitians in consultation with a Science Advisory Board of distinguished experts. Each client’s personalized program reflects the latest research on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle change for effective weight management. In one statement, Zero Size helps its clients learn to Eat Well, Move More and Live Life.

Phase 1 – Weight Loss
Taking into account your busy lifestyle, activity level, and other factors, we’ll help you set your weight loss goal and date. Once you select a custom menu plan, you can jump right into the Rapid Results Plan.

Phase 2 – Weight Loss Stabilization
Once you’ve reached your goal, we’ll show you how to introduce even more variety to mealtimes. You’ll learn everything you need to know to keep your weight right where it needs to be.

Phase 3 – Weight Loss Maintenance
With some simple but powerful guidelines and weight loss tips, you’ll reach the ultimate goal: permanent weight loss. With it comes the lasting rewards of better health, more energy, and looking better – for life.

Unlocking the mystery
The key to weight loss is no longer a mystery. ZERO SIZE Weight Loss is at the forefront of the latest innovations and techniques in the field of weight loss. We know what works and we bring that expertise straight to you, to help you lose weight fast.

We’ll help you reach your goal.

We offer customized programs that include one-on-one personal consultations

ZERO SIZE – VLCC Health Care

No. 29/1, Brindavan Road, Fairlands, Salem – 636 016.

Phone : 0427 – 40 555 30 / 233 4005

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